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The sparkling strength of a diamond

Nour Hussein Alsayotti

Nour Hussein is a mother of five and an unbeaten Activist. She is a holder of a degree in Business Administration and Secretarial Studies from Jordan. She held different posts in a number of local and international NGOs based in Khartoum. Nour participated in countless workshops in Sudan, UAE and Lebanon and appeared on several local and regional TV shows. She is currently running her own charity organization “Shamaa” in support of the discriminated adult orphans. She produced three short films on abandoned children and infants’ exposure as well as being a Speaker in related conferences. At present, she living the dream she struggled for by achieving numerous success stories since 2007. The British author and award-winning Journalist Wendy Wallace wrote a book about Nour called “Daughter of Dust” thus, unfolding her story and recounting the torments she went through and how she managed to transform to the “Iron Lady” she is today.


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