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Performance-Sharhabeel Ahmed and his son Shareef

Sharhabeel Ahmed

Sharhabeel Ahmed is a multi-talented Sudanese musician and artist.
His love for music and art came at a very young age and he was always aware that that would be his calling in life. He is a graduate of the college of fine arts, and later worked in a publishing house creating childrens’ books that displayed diverse Sudanese characters, the most popular of which is ‘’Amak Tango’’ which is a well known Sudanese comic icon to children and adults alike. His professional music career was launched when he applied to a radio show called ‘’Aswat Jadeeda’’ or New Voices.
He has always been interested and influenced by his love of all kinds of music whether Western, Eastern, or African and his love for all musical instruments. He sought to develop and evolve Sudanese music by incorporating Jazz into Sudanese songs through a pioneering experiment in the 1960s and this approach was highly welcomed by the Sudanese listener who felt that the music had an improved but still Sudanese feel to it.
Sharhabeel plays the guitar, and the ‘’oud’ and has participate in numerous international and national festivals, the last of which was held in Washington in 2009.


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