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TEDxKhartoum-Hisham Elzubair

Hisham Elzubeir

Coming from a diverse education background which led to a diverse working background as well..starting from working in the the University of Texas labs, to a performing/recording musician, guitar tutoring, bookstore sales, audio engineer to research director, traveling between Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Cyprus, the States, Dubai, and recently Sudan.

After moving to Sudan in 2009, he founded Almawja in June 2010.The company focuses on media productions/services for Sudan in general and Sudanese organizations in specific. It is at the heart of a movement; to bring about new and elevated internal and external images of Sudan.
The company comprises of various teams of talented/skilled Sudanese 'creatives' and media practitioners, whose goal is to improve Sudan's image, provide a platform for those talents and be a contributor to the betterment of Sudan through various forms of media productions.
Almawja produces professional world-class media products, ranging from documentaries, animation series, music videos, TV series, children's books and short films, independently produced and backed by sponsorship from various organizations. .


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