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Amjad Alnour

Amjad Alnour is a Sudanese filmmaker based in Saudi Arabia. He studied Economy and Political Sciences at the Islamic University of Omdurman. After graduating from university in 2008, he decided to take a leap of faith and pursue his passion of filmmaking. He began by producing low-budget short films and posting them on YouTube. With time, his talent was starting to be recognized by some media production companies in Saudi Arabia. This enabled him to fulfill his dream of establishing a career in film making.
Amjad believes that Sudan has developed a negative reputation when it comes to media production and he endeavours to change this perception among Arab countries concerning Sudan’s capabilities in media production and most importantly- filmmaking. He plans to achieve this by promoting the unearthed beauty of Sudan and all it has to offer, through cinema and by inspiring other young filmmakers such as himself.
Why should people listen to him?
Amjad believes that Sudanese ought to know what their fellow Arab counterparts really think about them, Sudanese media, and Sudan in general, because then and only then will they be motivated to change their perception. Amjad believes that there is no greater medium than film to help realize this goal. Ultimately, he hopes to transform all forms of Sudanese media, for example, news channels, from lack lustrous to captivating.


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